YourOnlineData Backup

Virus, hackers, flood, fire and earthquake threats may happen anytime. The best way to ensure your valuable data will always be safe is to back it up. Traditional backup methods such as Flash drives, ZIP drives, CDs and DVDs have many disadvantages and involve manual operations and often unreliable media.


For as little as just $8.33 per month, CR Technology Solutions Inc. makes online backups whenever your files change. The secure web backup system is the best way to protect your PC from virus and disasters. If you get a virus, lose your laptop, your computer crashes, or you accidentally delete something, you can recover your data from the secure online backup storage.

No equipment or software to purchase. No installation costs, No capital costs for your business. We install it and configure it for free. With our online backup solution you can store your valuable data in a safe place for as little as $8.33 per 50GB, per month.

You will never run out of storage space. You can purchase additional space as your data grows. No changing CDs, DVDs or tapes in the middle of a backup.

Extremely Secure
Bank grade encryption protects your data during transit and storage. Only you have the key to access your web storage data.

Ease of use
Backup jobs can be scheduled and customized in the way you want. You can choose what and when to backup, and it will be automatically completed.

Fast Recovery
Restore lost files or retrieve files you need from our secure online backup in minutes. Even large amounts of data can be retrieve quickly and easily from our secure facility in Surrey Canada

Always Available
You have access to your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Retrieve the file you need in just minutes. Have your business completely up and running after a system failure in just hours.

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